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Literacy lessons are taught every day at St Mary's.  The literacy lessons are 50 - 60 minutes long.


Every Tuesday discreet handwriting lessons are taught using the Pen-pals Scheme.  We also teach discreet phonics sessions on every day for 15 minutes.  We follow the Letters and Sounds handbook and the Jolly Phonics handbook when planning these sessions.  Everyday we have a guided reading session.  The books are banded so they are appropriate to the children's reading ability.  During this session we read text together and then spend time exploring it through questioning so the children get a real understanding of what they have read.


When planning literacy we use the current topic as our main stimulus.  We also have the Collins Literacy scheme to ensure we are covering all genres.  The Literacy Framework and Surrey Tracking Grids also help to inform planning and ensure progression.


At the beginning of every literacy lesson we display 'WALT' (we are learning to) and 'what will be our steps to success' statements for the children to see.  This gives all the children the opportunity to be aware of what they could be achieving and gives them the opportunity to push themselves to achieve more.


The children are given literacy targets which are referred to at the beginning of each lesson.  The same targets are stuck in the front of the literacy books and are ticked and dated when achieved.  At the end of each lesson the work is assessed and next steps are written into future planning.


In 2017/18 we have introduced a daily spelling session called SpellWell which is using the Spelling Bee programme produced by Jane Considine.


Mrs Caulfield

Literacy Co-ordinator