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Making handwriting automatic

At St. Mary's we use a fantastic handwriting scheme called Kinetic Letters and in doing so we aim to make handwriting automatic so that all the attention of the brain can be on the content.

A programme based on four strands of learning

 Making bodies stronger 

  • Physical strengthening of the body
  • Motor and spatial preparation

 Learning the letters 

  • Dynamic movements for learning letter shapes
  • Sensory experiences for memory and recall

 Holding the pencil 

  • Optimal pencil hold for speed and legibility
  • Diagnostic photos for addressing issues

 Flow and Fluency 

  • Speed and stamina developed
  • Economy of movement and use of rhythm for speed

Area's of development

  • Automaticity– Formation, orientation and placement of letters becomes automatic which frees up space in the working memory.
  • Achievement– Fast, legible and fluent handwriting underpins success in every curriculum area.
  • Confidence– Good handwriting creates a positive initial judgement.
  • Creativity– When handwriting is automatic, the brain can concentrate on content.
  • Reading– Writing and reading are reciprocal skills, so improvement in one, helps the other.
  • Phonics and Spelling– legible handwriting means children can read and correct spelling.


Please take the time to look at the handout from our parent workshop on handwriting an familiarise yourself with the programme. 

Kinetic Letters Parent workshop

St Mary's Handwriting Policy