St Mary's Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Infant School

St Mary's C of E Infant School


Should your child not be able to attend school or the school is closed (for example due to snow) please complete the work below.


Work will be uploaded by 9am on any school closure day or as required. 

Tuesday 7th November 2023

School closure due to water supply issues


Roll and add 3 numbers game

Find a partner! It could be a parent, brother or sister or even your favourite teddy bear. Roll a dice three times and write the numbers in the space on the game sheet (you will need to roll for teddy!). Find the sum of the three numbers. The winner of each round is the player with the highest total. Good luck!

Year 2 GAME - Roll and add


Quiz questions

Choose one (or more!) of our significant individuals. Write up to three clues to describe them on the front of a blank card or small piece of paper then write the answer on the back. You can use the information below to help you. Bring the cards to school so that you can quiz your friends. How good are your clues? Will they guess who you chose? 

Mover and Shakers - significant people


Home Learning Workbook

Have a go at completing some of the activities in our Movers and Shakers home learning workbook. You may need an adult to help you read the questions and find the answers on the internet. You can do all of them or choose the ones that you find most interesting. Don't forget to draw a picture of yourself on the front cover - I am sure you will all be significant individuals one day! 

Movers and shakers - home learning workbook 

Useful websites