St Mary's Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Infant School

St Mary's C of E Infant School

Spectacular Days

We had our first Spectacular Day of the academic year at the beginning of November celebrating All saints Day.


We learnt about lots of different christian saints whose values inspire us to live better lives. 
With Mrs Bonaparte we learnt about St. Nicholas. He was an early christian Bishop who was known for his generosity and kindness. Both of these values are very important to us at St. Marys. He is the patron saint of children.
 With Mrs Trickey we learnt about the patron saints of the United Kingdom, in particular, Saint George. St. George was very brave and courageous in the face of evil and saved many people. He is the patron saint of England.
With Mrs Caulfied we learnt about St. Francis of Assisi. He is known for caring and looking after nature and animals. He believed that animals are also  creatures of God and should be cared for and protected. He is the patron saint of animals.