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Celebrations and Festivals

Friday 12th February 

Chinese New Year 


You can watch this link to find out a bit more about the Chinese New Year Festival. There is a clip to watch and extra information below it.


Below is a PowerPoint with the story of how the Chinese animals were chosen. There are also some images you can print and cut out to retell the story with. If you stick the images on to sticks you could then create a puppet show, retelling the story for your family to watch. 


As it is the year of the ox, there is an Ox Lantern you can create.   

Sunday 14th February

Valentines day

Did you know... Valentines day is traditionally a Christian festival to celebrate Saint Valentine, who died on 14th February.  


You could create a card or write a letter to someone you care about. 

Tuesday 16th February

Pancake Day

This is a Christian celebration also known as Shrove Tuesday. To find out more follow this link:


Here is a story about a pancake.


  • What do you think it is going to be about?
  • What story does it remind you of? 
  • Before you get to the end, how do you think it will end? 
  • What similarities and differences do you notice?