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Year 2

Year 2 Home Learning 

Dear Parents and Carers, 


We are in our last week of home learning and I cannot wait to have the children back in the classroom next week. I do hope they are all looking forward to coming back. I am very conscious that it has been a difficult time for them and have allowed extra time to 'check in' with the children next week to see how they are feeling. If you have any specific concerns please grab me at drop off on Monday. I will be out in the playground once the Year 1 children have come into school.  


Please do try and complete the Maths set over the last two weeks before the children come back to school. We have not planned any new work for Thursday or Friday to allow the children to catch up if needed. This is important as the work we are doing when they return will build on what they have learnt so far.  


Don't forget to checkout the new PE section of the website which has lots of fun activities and an exciting challenge from Sam. Please do have a look and get the kids involved. 


Again, please do contact me with any questions or to share work by emailing me at


Kind regards

Nicky Caulfield and the whole Year 2 team

Daily Timetable



Guided Reading











Monday: Music & PE

Tuesday: Geography

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art

Friday: Science & RE




You may wish to add additional breaks for your child as home learning is so different to school learning .