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Backyard Forest School

Backyard Forest School is a YouTube page set up by the forest school teacher at my children's school. Mrs Corps has created lots of videos which help your child explore and enjoy the outside area using whatever space is available to you. If you would like to do some extra fun outdoor activities then please have a look! The activity below is one of many.  If you follow the link you should find lots more. Enjoy! Mrs Parker x

Ideas for Kids at Home - Ice decorations

When the weather is frosty, fill some small fun-shaped containers with water and a few natural bits and a cord, leave them outside to freeze over night and y...


Explorify is an excellent website with lots of science investigations to do.  If you fancy some extra science fun please have a look. The children have had a look at some of the 'Odd One Out' videos and the 'Zoom in, Zoom Out' videos so may be able to teach you what to do! Mrs Parker x

Maddie Moate

You may already be familiar with Maddie Moate. She has a YouTube channel with lots of videos exploring all manner of things from how to make paper out of elephant poo to how pineapples grow.  If your child is interested in finding out about things this channel is worth a look.