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Geography Week 1

Spring 2 - Week 2 - Geography


We are going to have a look at some of the pictures that we find on maps. On maps, the pictures are drawn in a very easy or simple way.  This makes the map easy to read. They are called symbols. Have a look at the map below, can you see some of the blue picture symbols? Can you tell what some of the symbol pictures are? 



Cut out the pictures and symbols on the sheet below. Mix them up and then see if you can match them back together again. You could even play a game of 'pairs' with them.

New symbols created when they are needed. For example, in 2015 six new symbols were introduced. Have a look at them below. Can you tell what they may have been for? 

Answers: electric car charging points, art galleries, solar farms, skateboard parks, toilets and kite surfing areas.


These new symbols were chosen by a competition that was open to members of the public to design and submit their ideas for the symbols.


Could you design your own symbol for something? It could be for a school or a house or a park or anything else you can think of.