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Handwriting w/c 22.02.2021

Handwriting lesson - 25.02.2021

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Handwriting lesson 21.02.2021

Handwriting Analysis

Today I'd like you to have a really close look at your handwriting and see which letters you do not form correctly. Those are the ones you are going to practice this week. 


1. Write the following sentence three times in your home learning exercise book.


A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


This is a pangram. A sentence that includes every letter of the alphabet!


2. Once you have written it 3 times, look really closely at your writing and ask an adult to look too. Which letters are not formed correctly? Are some letters reversed or back to front?  Do some letters not g below the line but they should? Did you start on the line instead of skip or bounces branch?


3. Now write a list of the letters you need to work on. Tomorrow you are going to practice those letters to make sure you get them exactly right in the future.