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Monday 22nd March





One Night in the Zoo Text Map

Whole Class introduction


Read through the text 'One Night in the Zoo' up to the part with the flamingoes 'turning from pink to blue'.


(See above for Video of text map...the words may not be entirely accurate as I don't have the text at home).  


Play with the words 'magical' and 'astonished' (We started to look at these on Thursday).


The box on the windowsill has some 'magical' objects. Children to choose an object and say...


'The .... was magical because....'     eg. The tissue was magical because it turns anyone who touches it invisible! 


Children to take turns using the word 'astonished'.


'I was astonished when I saw.... '


Activities (The sheets are in the Guided Reading Boxes but will need photocopying)


Group 1: Teen number writing practise and number word search.


Group 2: Pick one or 2 of the words in the boxes and write a sentence on the line using those words. 


Group 3: Green guided reading book


Group 4: Laminated animal pictures.  Write sentences about these using the sentence starter on the sheet. 


Group 5: Have a go writing.   What happened on that magical, moonlit night at the zoo?  Write about the strange things that happened at the zoo.