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Literacy w/c 22.02.2021

We are starting a lovely new unit of work called Alfie's Star which will take us through the next two weeks. Please let Sarah in the office know if you need a printed copy of the workbook and we will make one available for you to pick up at school.


I have split the tasks into manageable lessons giving a total of 9 lessons over the next 2 weeks (Friday 27th February is an inset day). It would be fantastic if the children could try and keep to the schedule as it builds towards a piece of independent writing at the end of the unit.


There are also some lovely cross curricular activities and an extension activity at the end for those who feel they'd like it. More details about those in the daily lesson descriptions.  


I do hope the children enjoy this literacy work - do send me photo's or scans of what they have done as I'd really like to see it. 

Literacy Introduction

Thursday 25th February 2021

Literacy lesson - 25.02.2021

Lesson 4

Superstar word detectives (pages 11 - 14)

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Literacy lesson - 24.02.2021

Lesson 3

Our story mountain planner (page 10)

Creating a story map

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Lesson 2

Quiz time (page 7)

Words about stars (pages 8 & 9)

Monday 22nd February 2021 

Lesson 1

Read or listen to the story (pages 2-4)

Story talk - think about the story (pages 5 & 6)