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Click on the links below to find all sorts of fun online math games. 

Card game

Play shops

Give some of your toys price tags (you could use post its or sit them on top of paper with their given price). Then use real coins or cut out paper coins to find the correct amount to 'buy' the toys. Take it in turns to be the shop assistant and customer. Start with prices up to 10p and when you feel confident adding up with 1p, 2p and 5p coins, increase the prices up to 50p and include 10p and 20p coins.


Alternatively you could write a snack menu with prices and when you're allowed a snack find the correct coins to pay for it. For example:  

Orange 6p,

cheese string 8p

bread stick 4p etc. 

Repeating patterns

You could make a fruit kebab with a repeating pattern, for example: banana, apple, banana, apple. 

Can you spot what the repeating pattern in the picture is? Pick a stick and see if you can say which fruit would come next? 

Number Challenge


Number Challenge 2