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Creative Art Courses run by Mrs Roberts

I have been running a series of creative arts courses for Surrey Teachers and Headteachers which have included mark making and drawing, printing/textiles and creating a large piece based on a story.  A number of teachers, headteachers and teaching assistants from Surrey schools have attended and these are some of the comments they have made. 

Teaching Assistant, St Edmunds School, Godalming "I have come away with a multitude of knowledge for creating different methods of artwork for printing on textiles, using all types of items, eg, fruit, string, thumbprints.  Very inspirational!"

Headteacher, St Cuthbert Mayne "Such simple but effective techniques for raising the quality of art produced by infant children.  Remarkable to see what five year olds can produce!  Techniques guaranteed not to terrify teachers either!"

Natasha, St Edmunds School, Godalming "Amazing!  The best couple of afternoons in a long while.  Great techniques learnt that have been and will be used throughout school.  Thank you for your guidance and help.  Wonderful!"