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We love Maths at St Mary’s! Each class is brimming with mathematical equipment to immerse children in shape, measurement,  number and mathematical concepts.

We have a mastery approach to teaching maths at St Mary’s. This means helping pupils to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of mathematics at each stage of their learning, so that by the end of every school year, pupils will have acquired mastery of the mathematical facts and concepts they’ve been exposed to, equipping them to move on confidently and securely to more advanced material.

Working with a range of apparatus is at the heart of Maths teaching at St Mary’s. In using and manipulating apparatus, children build ‘pictures’ of number in their mind and therefore develop a strong ‘sense’ of number on which to build future learning. We use the ‘White Rose’ scheme of work which has this at its core. We also include a lot of talk around Maths as being able to talk about your Maths is very important to a child’s understanding. Practise and problem solving help the children to make meaningful links between the various concepts taught. Maths is taught every day both as a discrete subject and wherever it crosses over into our wider learning.

Mrs Trickey

Maths Coordinator