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Guided reading w/c 11.01.2021

Guided Reading

Every day we do a carousel guided reading session. The children do one of five activities each day, completing all five across the week.


Activity 1 - one to one reading.

Please read with your child. Ask them to predict what might happen in the story, ask questions about the text, discuss what might happen next and why characters are behaving the way they are. 

Activity 2 - Comprehension

After reading 1:1 with your child you can set them some comprehension questions based on their book, ideally they should answer these in writing in their exercise book. Please refer to the middle pages of your reading record where you will find ideas for questions to ask when reading with your child.  

If you would prefer a more formal comprehension please use the documents below. They are differentiated by reading ability. If your child is struggling to read the text, please read it to them as this is still teaching them valuable comprehension skills. They should then be able to answer the questions with your support. There is also a guidance document below which introduces you to the 'totally pawsome reading gang' which gives the children a clue as to which type of questions they are answering.  

Activity 3 - Inference skills development

Please complete the worksheet with your child.


Activity 4 - Phonics

Please complete the phonics worksheet with your child.

Activity 5 - Reading for pleasure

We always make time to read for pleasure. The children either choose a book or have one recommended to them based on their interest and ability. They spend time enjoying the book in whatever way they are able and often share what they've enjoyed about the book. Fiction or non-fiction - it doesn't matter - it's quiet time to just enjoy their book.