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Maths w/c 11.01.2021

We are following the White Rose Maths scheme and are currently on Week 10 & 11. 


We are continuing block 3 which focuses on money. I am so pleased everybody has recieved their workbook and do hope the children are enjoying the work. Just a reminder that in your workbook the worksheets link with the online video lessons provided unless they are marked with a pink 'R'. Those lessons are revision from last year, work that may have been missed due to the previous lockdown.  


Monday 11th January: Week 10 - Select money

Tuesday 12th January: Week 10 - Make the same amount

Wednesday 13th January: Week 11 - Compare money

Thursday 14th January: Week 11 - Find the total

Friday 15th January:  Week 11 - Find the difference

Extension activities for this week

Please use the following problem solving cards with your child as extension work. You can use all three for each topic area - or just choose one. These can also be used instead of a workbook lesson to bring variety into their maths learning.

 Lesson - Count money: pence
 Lesson - Count money: pounds 

Lesson - Count money: note and coins