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What is Rainbow Rangers?

Rainbow Rangers is a group of pupils who have been chosen to represent the views of all pupils and to help improve their school. School Council acts as a liaison between Mrs Roberts and the children and vice versa. Issues are discussed in meetings and then shared in classes.


Who is in the school council?

There are two Rainbow Rangers leaders from each class (1 boy and 1 girl). The children tell their class if they are interested in being a Rainbow Ranger and why they would make a good one. 

Meet the team: Year 2 Rangers, Year 1 Rangers, Year R Rangers.


The new Rainbow Rangers are to be decided by October half-term.

Where will you find the Rainbow Rangers?

The Rainbow Rangers board is in the cloakroom where the teams' pictures, recent news and suggestion board is displayed.  You can find a member of the Rainbow Rangers by looking to see if they are wearing a rainbow badge.  The leaders of Rainbow Rangers wear a rainbow band across them so they can easily be identified.


When do the Rainbow Rangers meet?

The meetings are held at regular intervals to discuss issues raised by the children and to actively involve them in the decision making process of the school.